About TrypTag

TrypTag is a project aiming to determine where every trypanosome protein localises within the cell (Dean et al., 2016).

We will tag every protein gene in the genome (excluding VSGs) with mNeonGreen (Shaner et al., 2013) and determine the localisation by microscopy. Wherever possible, we will determine the localisation of the protein when tagged at both the N and C terminus.

We are using long-primer PCR (Dean et al., 2015) to make the tagging amplicons and transfect the PCR product into trypanosomes using 96 well electroporation plates (Dyer et al., 2016). The full workflow is described in Dean et al., 2016.

The cell lines are not kept after imaging as it is extremely rapid to remake the cell line.

You can contact us at the following email address: moc.liamg@msd.gatpyrt

Using the TrypTag website

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The TrypTag project is funded by a Wellcome Trust biomedical resource grant [108445/Z/15/Z] to Keith Gull, Samuel Dean, Jack Sunter, Richard Wheeler, Christiane Hertz-Fowler, Mark Carrington & Sue Vaughan.

Terms for data usage

TrypTag.org contains data from a major and costly project with the aim of providing the cellular localisation of every protein encoded in the trypanosome genome. The project emerged from a number of years development of the technology in the Gull Lab by Richard Wheeler, Jack Sunter and Sam Dean. Our intention is to make the data is available to the community as it is generated. Data collection is expected to be completed in 2019, after which we will provide a definitive summary of the project by publishing papers describing and analysing the full data set. Until the project is complete, data usage terms are based on the Fort Lauderdale agreement, an agreement reached for pre-publication usage of genome data.

Data on TrypTag.org is available immediately and free to use with acknowledgement. However until the project is complete:

  • You must contact us before scientific publication or commercial application of research informed by this data. Please email: moc.liamg@msd.gatpyrt
  • One of the TrypTag team (Richard Wheeler, Jack Sunter or Samuel Dean) will work with you to share our complete raw data on the proteins of interest, help with advanced searches for cohorts or patterns, etc.
  • For publications concerning one or two genes we will typically merely request acknowledgement and citation of this website as a data resource.
  • For publications concerning more than two genes we reserve the right to have members of the TrypTag team as co-authors, with the rights this entails. We forsee that this will typically be the one person you collaborate with but, for example for extremely large cohorts of genes, may include others.
  • Commercial applications will be considered on an individual basis.
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